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Phone Antenna Booster
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Increase the reception of your mobile phone connection.
Mount internally under battery or externally.

How it works...

   The internal antenna booster works like a dish on a satellite to capture and emit a stronger signal. By placing the internal antenna behind the fixed antenna of the phone you increase the surface area for sending and receiving messages. Allowing for increased signal strength eliminating dropped calls and reducing static interference.

   Fed up with dropped calls and cell phone static iterrupting your important calls? The ultra-thin Cell Phone Antenna Booster reduces static and substantially increases cell phone reception in hallways, buildings, tunnels, remote areas -- any place you can think of. Just place the Cell Phone Antenna Booster under your internal battery or attach to the back of your phone and get better reception...instantly! Works with any mobile phone.

  The Internal Antenna is a passive device designed to capture stray radiation within the phone and re-radiate the signal to improve the phone's performance. This antenna is easy to install. Just slip it underneath the phone's battery, and enjoy clear, enhanced, static-free reception.

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$9.95 per set of 2 Antenna Boosters

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